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India’s FDI Opportunity

By Deloitte – Sep 2021

Even during the pandemic, FDI has poured into India at record levels. In FY2020-21, FDI inflows (including equity, re-invested earnings, and capital) amounted to a record US$81.72 billion, 10 percent higher than the previous financial year. While India remains a favoured foreign direct investment (FDI) destination, the country must enact more reforms to ensure FDI flows not only continue but also play a meaningful role in attaining the US$5 trillion economy target…


Future of Mobility

By McKinsey & Co – July 2020

COVID-19 has presented India with an unprecedented economic, humanitarian and healthcare challenge. When looking beyond the immediate challenges, however, the picture is not as bleak. Over the long term, as COVID-19 is controlled and India enters the next normal, we expect that automotive and mobility players will return to their former strength. Although many challenges lie ahead, the coronavirus could accelerate some beneficial trends….


E-com & Consumer Internet

By Ernst & Young – Mar 2022

Today, India’s internet economy is at an interesting juncture. The intersection of the data revolution, pandemic induced large-scale digital adoption at a rapid pace and the rise of forward-looking entrepreneurs has brought forward immense potential for the country’s digital economy. Data traffic in India has shown the highest growth of 60x globally in the last five years, and thenumber of online shoppers in the region has grown by over 175% during the same period…

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